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3. PVM/MPI 1996: München, Germany

Arndt Bode, Jack Dongarra, Thomas Ludwig, Vaidy S. Sunderam (Eds.): Parallel Virtual Machine - EuroPVM'96, Third European PVM Conference, München, Germany, October 7-9, 1996, Proceedings. Lecture Notes in Computer Science 1156 Springer 1996, ISBN 3-540-61779-5 BibTeX
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Invited Talk

Session F1: Evaluation of PVM

Session F2: Applications: CFD Solvers

Invited Talk

Session F3: Tools for PVM

Session F4: Applications: Non Numerical Applications

Session F5: Extensions to PVM

Session F6: Applications: Solvers

Vendor Sessions

Session F7: Extensions to PVM (2)

Session F8: Applications: Miscellaneous

Session F9: Implementation Issues

Session F10: Programming Environments

Session F11: Load Distribution/Load Balancing

Session F12: Implementation Issues (2)


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