Efficient and Acurate Cost Models for Parallel Query Optimization.

Sumit Ganguly, Akshay Goel, Abraham Silberschatz: Efficient and Acurate Cost Models for Parallel Query Optimization. PODS 1996: 172-181
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One of the key problems in the design of a query optimizer for parallel databases is the derivation of efficient and accurate cost models. These cost models rely on accurate estimators for the response time of a query, which can only be obtained by invoking expensive scheduling algorithms. To achieve efficiency, cost models must estimate the response time using approximation functions. In this paper, we consider the issue of design and validation of cost models for SQL-query optimizers for parallel executions. We present a theoretical foundation underlying the design of efficient cost models that accurately approximate response time. Based on the above theoretical foundation, we formulate two heuristical cost functions. We use simulations to determine the accuracy of these heuristic functions. Our simulation results indicate that the heuristic cost functions generate plans whose performance is within 20-60% of the optimal scheduled plan for 90-95% of the queries.

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Proceedings of the Fifteenth ACM SIGACT-SIGMOD-SIGART Symposium on Principles of Database Systems, June 3-5, 1996, Montreal, Canada. ACM Press 1996, ISBN 0-89791-781-2
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