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7. MDM 2006: Nara, Japan

7th International Conference on Mobile Data Management (MDM 2006), Nara, Japan, May 9-13, 2006. IEEE Computer Society 2006, ISBN 0-7695-2526-1 BibTeX



Research Session 1: Context Awareness

Research Session 2: MANETs

Research Session 3: Mobile Cooperation

Research Session 4: Moving Objects

Research Session 5: Mobile Broadcast

Research Session 6: Adaptation

Research Session 7: Sensor Networks (I)

Research Session 8: Resource Management

Research Session 9: Sensor Networks (II)

Research Session 10: Cellular Networks

Research Session 11: Query Processing

Industrial Paper Session

Demo Sessions



International Workshop on Managing Context Information and Semantics in Mobile Environments (MCISME'06)


Paper Session 1

Paper Session 2

Paper Session 3

Mobile Services and Ontologies (MoSO'06)

Session 1: Annotating and Transforming Contents

Session 2: Architecture for Mobile Service Provisioning

Session 3: Content Search at Mobile Terminals

International Workshop on Future Mobile and Ubiquitous Information Technologies (FMUIT'06)

Invited Talk

Session 1: Mobile and Context-Aware Applications

Session 2: Security in Mobile and Ubiquitous Networks

Session 3: Ubiquitous Devices and Networks

Session 4: Information Retrieval

Session 5: Mobile and Ubiquitous Networks

Session 6: Multimedia Communication and Application

Session 7: Ad Hoc Network

Session 8: Data Management

Session 9: Mobile Agent and Web Services

Tools and Applications for Mobile Contents (TAMC'06)

Session 1: Mobile Service Platforms

Session 2: Mobile Multimedia

Session 3: Mobile Applications

Session 4: Mobile Network

Workshop on Mobile Location-Aware Sensor Networks (MLASN'06)

Routing in Location-Aware Sensor Networks

Localization in Wireless Sensor Networks

Aggregation Techniques in Location-Awared Sensor Networks

Modeling Mobility in Location-Aware Sensor Networks

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