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12. ISSRE 2001: Hong Kong, China

12th International Symposium on Software Reliability Engineering (ISSRE 2001), 27-30 November 2001, Hong Kong, China. IEEE Computer Society 2001, ISBN 0-7695-1306-9 BibTeX

Session: 1A. Component Based Systems

Session: 1B. Testing GUI Software

Session 2A. Software Fault Models and Prediction

Session 2B. Reliable Wireless and Mobile Systems

Session 3A. Fault Tolerant Distributed Software Systems

Session 3B. Software Reliability Growth Modeling

Session 4A. Testing Internet and Multimedia Systems

Session 4B. Formal Approaches

Session 5A. Software Testing Experiments

Session 5B. Coverage and Testing Strategies

Session 6A. Software Architecture

Session 6B. Measurement Field Data and Experience

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