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ICIS 2004: Washington, DC, USA

Proceedings of the International Conference on Information Systems, ICIS 2004, December 12-15, 2004, Washington, DC, USA. Association for Information Systems 2004 BibTeX


IT Use and Organisation Vision

Public Policy

Modeling Formalismus

Technology Mediated Forms

Interface and Database Design

Accept or Reject? Impediments to Technology Adoption

Object-Oriented Systems

Supply and Consumer Behavior in Virtual Communities

Capabilities and Performance

Research Methods/IS Implementation

Information Systems and Affect

IS Outsourcing

Performance of Digital Firms

IT Value Metrics

Project Valuation

Open Source Software

Enterprise Systems

Human Capital

Peer to Peer Networking

Digital Goods

Identity in Virtual Communities

Information Flow and Sharing

Change and Alignment

Electronic Markets

Users and Usability

IT Capabilities

Organizations and Systems

Trust and Behavior

Heterogeneous Information Retrieval

Focus of the IS Discipline


Open Source Software: II

Pricing in Online Environments

IT Returns and Economic Contribution

Information Systems and Emotions

IT Personnel

ERP Implementation


Data Mining

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