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ICC 2000: New Orleans, USA - Volume 3

2000 IEEE International Conference on Communications, ICC 2000, Global Convergence Through Communications, June 18-22, 2000, New Orleans, USA, Conference Record. IEEE, 2000, ISBN 0-7803-6283-7, Volume 3

MNC08 Communication Theory Mini-Symposium: Coding and Coded Modulation

MNP05 Personal Communications Mini-Symposium: Interference Cancellation Techniques

MNQ03 Quality of Service Mini-Symposium: Approaches to Delivering QoS in Evolving Communications Networks

MNR03 Radio Communications Mini-Symposium: Advances in Multiple Antennas II

S23 Transmission Access and Optical Systems: Wave Division Multiplexed Networking

S24 Communications System Integration and Modeling: Resource Control in ATM-based Networks

S25 Computer Communications: Routing

S26 Communication Theory: Multiple Access Techniques

S27 Communications Software and Computer Communications

S28 Communications Switching: Switch Architecture and Design

MNC09 Communication Theory Mini-Symposium: CDMA

MNP06 Personal Communications Mini-Symposium: Power Control/Management

MNQ04 Quality of Service Mini-Symposium: Topics in Communication Quality and Reliability

MNR04 Radio Communications Mini-Symposium: Design and Performance of Radio Systems

S29 Communications System Integration and Modeling: Teletraffic and MPLS Networks

S30 Transmission Access and Optical Systems: Optical Networking

S31 Communication Theory: Adaptive Channel Estimation and Equalization

S32 Computer Communications: Ad Hoc Networks

S33 Communications Switching: Switch Performance

S34 (a) Computer Communications: Coding

S34 (b) Computer Communications: Wireless

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