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4. EP 1995: San Diego, CA, USA

John R. McDonnell, Robert G. Reynolds, David B. Fogel (Eds.): Evolutionary Programming IV: Proceedings of the Fourth Annual Conference on Evolutionary Programming, San Diego, CA, USA, March 1-3, 1995. A Bradford Book, MIT Press. Cambridge, Massachusetts. 1995, ISBN 0-262-13317-2

Novel Areas of Evolutionary Programming and Evolution Strategies

Evolutionary Computation with Medical Applications

Issues in Evolutionary Optimization I

Pattern Discovery, Pattern Recognition, and System Identification

Sepcial Session on Hierarchical Levels of Learning

Self-Adaptation in Evolutionary Computation

Sepcial Session on Morphogenic Evolutionary Computation

Issues in Evolutionary Optimization II

Evolutionary Applications to VLSI and Part Placement

Sepcial Session on Applications of Evolutionary Computation to Biology and Biochemistry

Control Applications of Evolutionary Computation

Genetic and Inductive Logic Programming

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