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1 David B. Fogel, Gary B. Fogel: Evolutionary Stable Strategies Are Not Always Stable under Evolutionary Dynamics. Evolutionary Programming 1995: 565-577

Coauthor Index

1Ashish Anand [9] [17]
2Francisco Azuaje [13]
3Natasha Biddlecom [14]
4Eric Bullinger [13]
5Kumar Chellapilla [3]
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9David B. Fogel [1] [3]
10David Hecht [10] [14] [16] [18]
11S. Johnson [18]
12Thiemo Krink [4]
13Susanna L. Lamers [12]
14Jianmin Ma [8]
15Michael S. McGrath [12]
16Minh Ngoc Nguyen [8]
17Ganesan Pugalenthi [17]
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19Marco Salemi [12]
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22E. Ke Tang [9]
23René Thomsen [4]
24Lipo Wang [7]
25Yanqing Zhang (Yan-Qing Zhang) [11]

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