21. VLDB 1995: Zurich, Switzerland

Umeshwar Dayal, Peter M. D. Gray, Shojiro Nishio: VLDB'95, Proceedings of 21th International Conference on Very Large Data Bases, September 11-15, 1995, Zurich, Switzerland. Morgan Kaufmann, ISBN 1-55860-379-4
VLDB 1995 Logo

Invited Talks

Object Stores

Distributed Information Retrieval

Disk Management

Concurrency Control

Object Technology

Transaction Models

Query Optimization


Cost Models

Query Processing

Parallel Databases

Mining Association Rules

Recovery and Availability

Data Mining

Schema Management

Access Methods

Mass Storage

Spatial Data


Application Session 1

Application Session 2

Vendor Session 1

Vendor Session 2

Vendor Session 3

Vendor Session 4

Vendor Session 5

Vendor Session 6

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