Kouichi Sakurai

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66Eiji Okamoto [17] [25]
67Tatsuaki Okamoto [2] [6]
68Katsuyuki Okeya [40] [41] [48] [49] [53] [57] [59]
69GungGil Park [92]
70Ji-Hwan Park [60] [65]
71Namje Park [117]
72R. S. Ramakrishna [86] [114] [128] [133]
73Kai Rannenberg [120]
74Keunwoo Rhee [117]
75Kyung Hyune Rhee [115] [116]
76Jae-Cheol Ryou [71] [75] [76]
77Jaecheol Ryou [92]
78Junichiro Saito [76] [100] [102]
79Takeshi Saito [5]
80Yasuyuki Sakai [22] [30] [33] [42] [45] [52] [64] [77] [88] [95] [103]
81Palash Sarkar [81] [84]
82Hisayoshi Satoh [46]
83Wook Shin [85] [114] [128] [133]
84Hiroki Shizuya [1] [3] [6] [10] [14] [26] [34]
85Chunhua Su [130] [135] [143] [147]
86Toshihiro Tabata [67] [69] [74] [98] [110] [119]
87Tsuyoshi Takagi [47] [51] [55] [58] [130] [135] [143]
88Kenichi Takahashi [99] [107] [123] [124] [127]
89Tetsuya Tamura [36]
90Toshiaki Tanaka [83] [121] [140] [141]
91Kohei Tatara [67] [91] [110] [119] [142]
92Tatsuya Toyofuku [98]
93Yoshifumi Ueshige [106]
94Guilin Wang [94]
95Wendong Wang [105]
96Yufeng Wang [105] [122] [125] [132] [134] [136] [145]
97Zhan Wang [112]
98Dongho Won [117]
99Yoshinori Yamane [13]
100Yoshinori Yamani [20]
101Akio Yanbe [12] [16]
102Jong-Phil Yang [115] [116]
103KiSung Yang [131]
104Sang-Soo Yeo (Sang Soo Yeo) [131]
105Ren Yizhi [144]
106Cui Yongrui [144]
107Hiroshi Yoshiura [120]
108Moti Yung (Mordechai M. Yung) [14] [23] [28] [31] [37] [38]
109Fangming Zhao [126]
110Yuliang Zheng [15]
111Wang Zhihui [144]
112Jianying Zhou [96] [130] [135] [137] [143]

Colors in the list of coauthors

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