K. H. (Kane) Kim

K. H. Kim, Kane Kim

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82S. B. Park [20]
83Sankyu Park [41]
84Shin-Yeol Park [72]
85Raymond A. Paul [77]
86C. V. Ramamoorthy [1] [2] [3] [4]
87Achim Rettberg [94]
88Kee-Wook Rim [33] [129] [136]
89J. A. Rohr [22]
90Ulrich Schmid [57]
91Dong-Myung Seol [115] [127]
92Carlos Serro [35] [44]
93Phillip C.-Y. Sheu (Phillip Chen-Yu Sheu) [43]
94Eltefaat Shokri [26] [30] [48] [51] [54] [56] [78] [83] [136]
95Larry Smarr [113]
96Chittur Subbaraman [33] [45] [46] [47] [48] [50] [52] [53] [56] [59] [65]
97Neeraj Suri [107]
98Makoto Takizawa [117] [120] [121] [122]
99Bhavani M. Thuraisingham [70]
100Iwao Toda [39]
101Taehyung Wang [96] [98]
102Kenichi Watanabe [117] [120] [121] [122]
103Horst F. Wedde (Horst Wedde) [57]
104Howard O. Welch [15]
105B. K. Woo [90]
106Seung M. Yang [7] [10] [12] [14]
107Seung-Min Yang [24]
108Young-Kyu Yang [96] [98]
109Seung-Mok Yoo [110] [114]
110Hankil Yoon [33]
111J. H. You [21]
112Hee Yong Youn [115] [127]
113Zhen Zhang [128]
114L. C. Zheng [110]
115Liangchen Zheng [113] [114] [115] [125] [127] [134] [135]
116Qian Zhou [114] [125] [135]

Colors in the list of coauthors

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