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1EEChris Eliasmith, Charles H. Anderson: Developing and applying a toolkit from a general neurocomputational framework. Neurocomputing 26-27: 1013-1018 (1999)

Coauthor Index

1Charles H. Anderson [1] [2] [3] [5] [6] [16]
2Shlomo Argamon (Shlomo Argamon-Engelson, Sean P. Engelson) [12]
3Timothy W. Bickmore [12]
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6Randall Davis [12]
7Shlomo Dubnov [12]
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9Ross Gayler [12]
10Pentti Kanerva [12]
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14Simon D. Levy [12]
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17Sean Luke [12]
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22Satinder P. Singh [12]
23Thomas F. Stahovich [12]
24Paul Thagard [4] [13]
25Steven Weinstein [13]
26M. Brandon Westover [5] [6]

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