Sung-Bae Cho

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26Jee-Haeng Lee [53]
27Joo-Young Lee [36]
28Kyong-Ho Lee [16] [21] [40] [44] [62]
29Seung-Ik Lee [7] [12] [28] [29]
30Youngseol Lee [145] [156] [161]
31Sung-Soo Lim [68] [82]
32Sungsoo Lim [90] [109] [112] [132] [142]
33Victor McCrary [40]
34Hyeun-Jeong Min [66] [86]
35Jun-Ki Min [74] [116] [130] [140] [146] [152] [155]
36Bijan Bihari Misra [159]
37James Newman [10]
38Hiroaki Nishino [32]
39Sang-Rok Oh [41]
40Chanho Park [50]
41Han-Saem Park [64] [80] [111] [118] [127] [128] [137] [157] [160] [163]
42Hyuk-Jang Park [38] [46]
43Moon-Hee Park [108] [139] [163]
44Frank E. Pollick [59]
45Thomas S. Ray [4]
46Jungwon Ryu [33] [42]
47Yeon-Gyu Seo [15] [17]
48Katsunori Shimohara [8] [13] [14]
49In-Ji Song [133]
50Injee Song [122] [157]
51Youn-Suk Song [84] [89] [115] [119] [131]
52Il Hong Suh [84]
53Chul Sung [29]
54Hideyuki Takagi [32]
55Xiao Tang [40]
56Kouichi Utsumiya [32]
57Hong-Hee Won [43] [55] [60] [136]
58Seung-Ryong Yang [49] [74] [78]
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60Hun-Woo Yoo [125]
61Ji-Oh Yoo [88] [118]
62Si-Ho Yoo [64] [65] [67] [85] [93] [128]
63Eun-Kyung Yun [52] [57] [72] [75] [99]
64Cheng Chris Zhang [151]

Colors in the list of coauthors

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