A Scalable Architecture for Autonomous Heterogeneous Database Interactions.

Steven Milliner, Athman Bouguettaya, Mike P. Papazoglou: A Scalable Architecture for Autonomous Heterogeneous Database Interactions. VLDB 1995: 515-526
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With the exponential proliferation of databases and advances in wide area networking, interest in worldwide database interoperability has gained momentum. Scalability and language support for this new environment remain open questions. We propose a scheme where database nodes are dynamically clustered around current areas of interest. Data sharing is then pursued, with any relationship information discoveredbeing fed back for reclustering. In order to achieve scalability, the proposed architecture sub-divides both the relationship and information spaces.

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Umeshwar Dayal, Peter M. D. Gray, Shojiro Nishio (Eds.): VLDB'95, Proceedings of 21th International Conference on Very Large Data Bases, September 11-15, 1995, Zurich, Switzerland. Morgan Kaufmann 1995, ISBN 1-55860-379-4
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