Applying Database Technology in the ADSM Mass Storage System.

Luis-Felipe Cabrera, Robert M. Rees, Wayne Hineman: Applying Database Technology in the ADSM Mass Storage System. VLDB 1995: 597-605
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Our success in deploying the illusion of infinite storage to applications rests in the use of database technology. This paper presents the support for transactions in the ADSTAR DistributedStorage Manager(ADSM) system. For a user, ADSM offers a backup and archive service in a heterogeneous client-server environment. It also operates as a file migration repository in some Unix environments. As a storage manager, the ADSM server is a Mass Storage System (MSS) that administers storage hierarchies of arbitrary depth in which all activitiesare done on behalf of transactions. Its systems goals include to operate in many computing platforms, to provide highly-available metadata, to administer effectively a huge amount of entities, to support continuous and unattended operation, and to support a high degree of concurrent requests.

The workload includes requests that only read system data at the server, requests that store gigabytes of user data and requests that update thousands of system data entries at the server but require no access to user data. To ensure availability of the system data we replicate it with up to threecopies and also support fuzzy dumps. As the ADSM server administers from low-latency high-performance magnetic disks to optical or tape jukeboxes, for high concurrency we adopted optimistic approaches to locking, special locks for devices called leases and wedo not always enforce repeatable reads.

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Umeshwar Dayal, Peter M. D. Gray, Shojiro Nishio (Eds.): VLDB'95, Proceedings of 21th International Conference on Very Large Data Bases, September 11-15, 1995, Zurich, Switzerland. Morgan Kaufmann 1995, ISBN 1-55860-379-4
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