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7. SNPD 2006: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Yeong-Tae Song, Chao Lu, Roger Lee (Eds.): Seventh International Conference on Software Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Networking and Parallel/Distributed Computing (SNPD 2006), 19-20 June 2006, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. IEEE Computer Society 2006, ISBN 0-7695-2611-X BibTeX


Session 1A: Software Architecture/Software Testing

Session 1B: Component-Based Software Engineering/Software Testing

Session 2A: Data Mining

Session 2B: Parallel/Distributed Computing

Session 3A: Computer Networks

Session 3B: Image/Signal Processing

Session 4A: SAWN 2006 Workshop-Invited Talks

Session 5A: Mobile Wireless

Session 5B: SAWN 2006 Workshop-Routing Protocols and Network Management

Session 6A: Requirements Engineering/Natural Language Processing

Session 6B: SAWN 2006 Workshop-QoS and Security

Session 7A: E-Learning/Web Technology

Session 7B: Information Assurance/Cryptography/Network Security

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