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19. RTSS 1998: Madrid, Spain

Proceedings of the 19th IEEE Real-Time Systems Symposium, Madrid, Spain, 2-4 December, 1998. IEEE Computer Society Press, 1998, online publication: http: //computer.org/proceedings/rtss/9212/9212toc.htm

Session 1: Keynote Talk

Session 2: Systems and Scheduling I

Session 3.A: Databases and Filesystems

Session 3.B: Systems Design and Development I

Session 4.A: Scheduling and Analysis I

Session 4.B: Timing Analysis and Compiler Techniques

Session 5: Keynote Talk

Session 6: Systems and Scheduling II

Session 7.A: Testing, Verification and Analysis I

Session 7.B: Operating Systems and Services

Session 8.A: Testing, Verification and Analysis II

Session 8.B: Quality of Service Issues

Session 9: Keynote Talk

Session 10: Operating Systems and Runtimes

Session 11.A: Systems Design and Development Tools II

Session 11.B: Scheduling and Analysis II

Session 12.A: Dependability and Fault Tolerance

Session 12.B: Communications and Networks

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