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5. IFIP Congress 1971: Ljubljana, Yugoslavia, Volume 2

C. V. Freiman, John E. Griffith, J. L. Rosenfeld (Eds.): Information Processing 71, Proceedings of IFIP Congress 71, Volume 2 - Applications, Ljubljana, Yugoslavia, August 23-28, 1971. North-Holland, 1972, ISBN 0-7204-2063-6

Part 4: Systems for Management and Administration

Invited Papers

Information Systems in Governmental Areas

Managerial Concepts, Techniques, and Models

Information Systems in Business

Advanced Management Science Technique

Theory and Practice of Management

Controlling Computer Investment

Information Systems in Social and Educational Areas

Part 5: Technological Applications

Invited Papers

Computer Assisted Instruction

Computer Aided Design

Data Acquisition

Image Processing and Generation

Process and Experiment

Part 6: Numerical Mathematics

Invited Papers

Linear Algebra

Numerical Analysis

Differential Equations

Optimizing Algorithms

Approximation and Integration

Part 7: Sciences, Humanities and Education

Invited Papers

Medical Applications

What Should We Teach?

Arts and Humanities

Social and Medical Data

Design and Administration of Educational Systems

Teaching Programming

Applications in Science and Medicine

Symposia Participants

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