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ICC 1986: Toronto, Canada

IEEE International Conference on Communications, ICC '86, Integrating the World Through Communications, June 22-25, 1986, Toronto, Canada, Proceedings. IEEE, 1986, Volume 1

ISDN User Applications

Results of Warc - ORB'85 (World Administrative Radio Conference)

Mobile Radio Systems & Techniques For Digital Connectivity

Centralized and Distributed Algorithms in Computer Networks

Advances in Communications Networks

Quality Assurance and Impact on Costs

Adaptive Filters in Communications

Computer Aided Modelling of Communication Systems

Spread Spectrum

Signal Processing Architectures

ISDN Standards Developments in CCITT: 1986-88 Preview

Signal Processing for Broadband ISDN

New and Future Technologies in Local Telephone Networks

Video Communication Techniques

Digital Radio in the Propagation Environment

Digital Satellite Services and Applications: Present and Future

Performance Evaluation Issues for Integrated Protocols

Packet Network Operations

Computer Network Theory and Multiple-Access

Digital Signal Processing in Communications

ISDN '85 Symposium Revisited

Quality Assurance Management Around the World

Advances in Microwave Single Sideband Systems

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