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Volume 32    Number 4    December 2003
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Articles | Special Section on Sensor Network Technology and Sensor Data Management | Database Principles
Distinguished Database Profiles | Influential Papers | Book Reviews | Reports | Research Centers | Calls for Papers

SIGMOD Officers, Committees and Awards (also in: PDF)

Editor's Notes (in: PDF)


Edgar F. Codd: a tribute and personal memoir
C. J. Date
Available in: PDF

Developments at ACM TODS
Richard Snodgrass
Available in: PDF

Special Section on Sensor Network Technology and Sensor Data Management

Sensor: The Atomic Computing Particle
Vijay Kumar - Guest Editor
Available in: PDF

The Sensor Spectrum: Technology, Trends, and Requirements
Joseph M. Hellerstein, Wei Hong, Samuel R. Madden
Available in: PDF

Understanding the Semantics of Sensor Data
Murali Mani
Available in: PDF

Bluetooth-Based Sensor Networks
Allan Beaufour Larsen, Mads Bondo Dydensborg, Martin Leopold, and Philippe Bonnet
Available in: PDF

Managing Uncertainty in Sensor Databases
Reynold Cheng and Sunil Prabhakar
Available in: PDF

An environmental sensor network to determine drinking water quality and security
Anastassia Ailamaki, Christos Faloutsos, Paul S. Fischbeck, Mitchell J. Small, Jeanne VanBriesen
Available in: PDF

The Cougar Project: A WorkInProgress Report
Alan Demers, Johannes Gehrke, Rajmohan Rajaraman, Niki Trigoni and Yong Yao
Available in: PDF

Energy and Rate based MAC Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks
Rajgopal Kannan Ram Kalidindi S. S. Iyengar
Available in: PDF

Power Efficient Data Gathering and Aggregation in Wireless Sensor Networks
Huseyin Ozgur Tan and Ibrahim Korpeoglu
Available in: PDF

Multimedia Streaming in LargeScale Sensor Networks with Mobile Swarms
Mario Gerla and Kaixin Xu
Available in: PDF

Distributed Deviation Detection in Sensor Networks
Themistoklis Palpanas, Dimitris Papadopoulos, Vana Kalogeraki, and Dimitrios Gunopulos
Available in: PDF

Database Principles

Reasoning on Regular Path Queries
D. Calvanese, G. De Giacomo, M. Lenzerini, and M. Y. Vardi
Available in: PDF

Distinguished Database Profiles

Interview with Pat Selinger
Marianne Winslett
Available in: PDF

Influential Papers

Reminiscences on Influential Papers - Kenneth A. Ross ed.
Johannes Gehrke, Jun Rao, Jerome Simeon
Available in: PDF

Book Reviews

Karl Aberer
Available in: PDF

Web Caching and Replication - by Michael Rabinovich and Oliver Spatscheck
Reviewers: Qiang Wang and Brian D. Davison
Available in: PDF

Data on the Web: From Relational to Semistructured Data and XML - by Serge Abiteboul, Peter Buneman, and Dan Suciu
Reviewers: Fernando Berzal and Nicolas Marin
Available in: PDF

Spatial Databases with Application to GIS - by Philippe Rigaux, Michel Scholl, and Agnes Voisard
Reviewer: Nancy Wiegand
Available in: PDF


Report on the 5th International Workshop on the Design and Management of Data Warehouses (DMDW 03)
Hans-J. Lenz, Panos Vassiliadis, Manfred Jeusfeld, Martin Staudt
Available in: PDF

Report on the 4th Agent-Oriented Software Engineering Workshop (AOSE 2003)
Paolo Giorgini
Available in: PDF

Report on FQAS 2002: Fifth International Conference on Flexible Query Answering Systems
Amihai Motro and Troels Andreasen
Available in: PDF

Report on Information Integration on the Web: A view from AI and Databases (IIWeb-03)
Subbarao Kambhampati and Craig A. Knoblock
Available in: PDF

Research Centers

Research in Database Engineering at the University of Namur
Jean-Luc Hainaut
Available in: PDF

Calls for Papers

1st International Symposium on Applications of Constraint Databases in conjunction with SIGMOD/PODS 2004
Available in: PDF

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