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Volume 32    Number 3    September 2003
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Articles | Special Section on Peer to Peer Data Management | Distinguished Database Profiles
Influential Papers | Standards | Book Reviews | Reports | Calls for Papers

SIGMOD Officers, Committees and Awards (also in: PDF)

Editor's Notes (in: PDF)

Chair's Message Available in: PDF

Treasurer's Message Available in: PDF


2003 SIGMOD Innovations Award Speech
Don Chamberlin
Available in: PDF

Analysis of SIGMOD s CoAuthorship Graph
Mario A. Nascimento, Jorg Sander, and Jeffrey Pound
Available in: PDF

Journal Relevance
Richard Snodgrass
Available in: PDF

Learning About Data Integration Challenges from Day One
Alon Y. Halevy
Available in: PDF

Exposing Undergraduate Students to Database System Internals
Anastassia Ailamaki and Joseph M. Hellerstein
Available in: PDF

Special Section on Peer to Peer Data Management

Guest Editor s Introduction
Karl Aberer
Available in: PDF

Peer-to-Peer Research at Stanford
Mayank Bawa, Brian F. Cooper, Arturo Crespo, Neil Daswani, Prasanna Ganesan, Hector Garcia-Molina, Sepandar Kamvar, Sergio Marti, Mario Schlosser, Qi Sun, Patrick Vinograd, and Beverly Yang
Available in: PDF

P-Grid: A Self-organizing Structured P2P System
Karl Aberer, Philippe Cudré-Mauroux, Anwitaman Datta, Zoran Despotovic, Manfred Hauswirth, Magdalena Punceva, Roman Schmidt
Available in: PDF

Toward Network Data Independence
Joseph M. Hellerstein
Available in: PDF

Design Issues and Challenges for RDF- and Schema-Based Peer-to-Peer Systems
Wolfgang Nejdl, Wolf Siberski, and Michael Sintek
Available in: PDF

The Piazza Peer Data Management Project
Igor Tatarinov, Zachary Ives, Jayant Madhavan, Alon Halevy, Dan Suciu, Nilesh Dalvi, Xin (Luna) Dong, Yana Kadiyska, Gerome Miklau, Peter Mork
Available in: PDF

The Hyperion Project: From Data Integration to Data Coordination
Marcelo Arenas, Vasiliki Kantere, Anastasios Kementsietsidis, Iluju Kiringa, Renee J. Miller John Mylopoulos
Available in: PDF

Relational Data Sharing in Peer-based Data Management Systems
Beng Chin Ooi, Yanfeng Shu, and Kian-Lee Tan
Available in: PDF

In-Context Peer-to-Peer Information Filtering on the Web
Aris M. Ouksel
Available in: PDF

Selective Information Dissemination in P2P Networks: Problems and Solutions
Manolis Koubarakis, Christos Tryfonopoulos, Stratos Idreos Yannis Drougas
Available in: PDF

DBGlobe: A Service-Oriented P2P System for Global Computing
Evaggelia Pitoura, Serge Abiteboul, Dieter Pfoser, George Samaras, Michalis Vazirgiannis
Available in: PDF

Distinguished Database Profiles

Interview with Rakesh Agrawal
Marianne Winslett
Available in: PDF

Influential Papers

Reminiscences on Influential Papers - Kenneth A. Ross ed.
Mitch Cherniak, Gottfried Vossen
Available in: PDF


Standards for Databases on the Grid
Susan Malaika, Andrew Eisenberg, Jim Melton
Available in: PDF

Book Reviews

The Data Warehouse Toolkit: The Complete Guide to Dimensional Modeling (2nd edition) - by Ralph Kimball, Margy Ross
Reviewer: Alexander A.Anisimov
Available in: PDF


Report on MDM 2003: The 4th International Conference on Mobile Data Management
Panos K. Chrysanthis, Morris Sloman, Arkady Zaslavsky
Available in: PDF

In memory of Gísli Rúnar Hjaltason (24.10.1967 - 19.6.2003) - Björn Þór Jónsson ed.
Available in: PDF

Calls for Papers

23nd ACM SIGMOD-SIGACT-SIGART Symposium on Principles of Database Systems
Available in: PDF

Track on Internet Data Management - ACM SAC 2004
Available in: PDF

Last update: December 17, 2003
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