Mary Elaine Califf

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Coauthor Index

1Sue Abu-Hakima [8]
2David W. Aha [8]
3Jim Austin (James Austin) [8]
4Irma Becerra-Fernandez [8]
5Patrick Brézillon [8]
6Jake Brownell [14]
7Laurent Chaudron [8]
8Fabio Ciravegna [13]
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11Brian Drabble [8]
12Boi Faltings [8]
13Dayne Freitag [13]
14Alex Alves Freitas [8]
15Eugene C. Freuder [8]
16Gerhard Friedrich [8]
17Aditya K. Ghose (Aditya Ghose) [8]
18Mary Goodwin [9] [12] [14]
19Neil Ireson [13]
20Nicholas Kushmerick [13]
21Alberto Lavelli [13]
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25Jean-Charles Pomerol [8]
26Miquel Sànchez-Marrè [8]
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29Catherine Tessier [8]
30Cynthia A. Thompson [5] [6]
31Elise H. Turner [8]
32Roy M. Turner [8]
33Steven Willmott [8]

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