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VL/HCC 2004: Rome, Italy

2004 IEEE Symposium on Visual Languages and Human-Centric Computing (VL/HCC 2004), 26-29 September 2004, Rome, Italy. IEEE Computer Society 2004 BibTeX

Keynote Speeches

Paper Session 1: Visualization and Sketching

Paper Session 2: Design and Evaluation of End-User Programming Environments

Paper Session 3: Visual Language Formalisms

Paper Session 4: End-User Programming: Gender, Debugging, and the Web

Paper Session 5: Graph Layout and End-User Programming

Paper Session 6: Improving End-User Environments

Paper Session 7: Empirical Studies of End-User Programming

Paper Session 8: UML and Visual Modeling

Graduate Student Consortium: Designing for Diversity in End-User Development Tools

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