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18. SIGDOC 2000: Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

Susan B. Jones, Beth Weise Moeller, Michael Priestley, Bernadette Long (Eds.): Proceedings of IEEE Professional Communication Society International Professional Communication Conference and Proceedings of the 18th Annual ACM International Conference on Computer Documentation: Technology & Teamwork, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, September 24-27, 2000. IEEE 2000, ISBN 0-7803-6431-7 BibTeX

Issues in teamwork

Approaches to prototyping

Issues in technical communication education

Teaching technical communication at a distance

The politics, problems, and practicalities of serving as an effective useradvocate in an obstinate organization

Implications of the wireless web for technical communicators

Editing online documents


Communication and learning

Journals in professional, technical, and scientific communication: where are wenow and where are we going?

Process integration

Facilitating process management

Practices today

Models for effective testing

Team building and single sourcing

Developing online-based instruction

Design collaboration and mediating technologies

The ecologies of technologically mediated work: three perspectives


Literate programming and structured authoring

Navigating the new media

Documentation tools

Issues in web design

Information migration

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