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25EEGernot Heiser: Operating System Verification for Real Use. VERIFY 2008
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1EEGernot Heiser, Claude Pommerell, Jürgen Weis, Wolfgang Fichtner: Three-dimensional numerical semiconductor device simulation: algorithms, architectures, results. IEEE Trans. on CAD of Integrated Circuits and Systems 10(10): 1218-1230 (1991)

Coauthor Index

1Jonathan Appavoo [16] [23]
2Andrew Baumann [16] [23]
3Matthew Chapman [15] [17]
4Peter Chubb [14] [17]
5Luke Deller [6]
6Antony Edwards [8] [9]
7Kevin Elphinstone [2] [4] [5] [14] [20]
8Wolfgang Fichtner [1]
9Nicholas Fitzroy-Dale [14]
10Ian Gorton [21]
11Stefan Götz [14]
12Charles Gray [14] [17]
13Hermann Härtig (Hermann Haertig) [4]
14Nayeem Islam [4]
15Trent Jaeger [4]
16Jeremy Kerr [16]
17Gerwin Klein [20]
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25David Mosberger [17]
26Jinsong Ouzang [3]
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31Sebastian Schönberg [4]
32Yue-Ting Shen [14]
33Dilma Da Silva [16] [23]
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35Shane Stephens [10]
36Cristan Szmajda [13]
37Harvey Tuch [11] [12]
38Volkmar Uhlig [11] [18]
39Jerry Vochteloo [5]
40Jürgen Weis [1]
41Adam Wiggins [7] [11] [12]
42Simon Winwood [12]
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44Patryk Zadarnowski [22]

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