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14. WETICE 2005: Linköping, Sweden

14th IEEE International Workshops on Enabling Technologies (WETICE 2005), 13-15 June 2005, Linköping, Sweden. IEEE Computer Society 2005, ISBN 0-7695-2362-5 BibTeX



Plenary Talks

Workshop: Agent-Based Computing for Enterprise Collaboration (ACEC)

Workshop: Distributed and Mobile Collaboration (DMC)

DMC Session: Web and P2P Collaboration

DMC Session: Distributed Collaboration

DMC Session: Collaborative Processes

DMC Session: Collaborative Services

Workshop: Security Technologies for Collaborative Architectures (STCA)

Workshop: Evaluation of Collaborative Information Systems and Support for Virtual Enterprises (ECE)

ECE Session: Evaluation in Practice

ECE Session: Methodological Issues in Evaluation

ECE Session: Other Topics

Workshop: Emerging Technologies for Next Generation GRID (ETNGRID)

ETNGRID Session: Agents and Semantics

ETNGRID Session: Network Protocols, Authentication, QoS

ETNGRID Session: Job Submission, Resource Finding, P2P

ETNGRID Session: Minimum Intrusion Grid

ETNGRID Session: Data Access, PDA Access, Grid Application

Workshop: Collaborative Peer-to-Peer Information Systems (COPS)

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