Dalí: A High Performance Main Memory Storage Manager.

H. V. Jagadish, Daniel F. Lieuwen, Rajeev Rastogi, Abraham Silberschatz, S. Sudarshan: Dalí: A High Performance Main Memory Storage Manager. VLDB 1994: 48-59
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Performance needs of many database applications dictate that the entire database be stored in main memory. The Dalí system is a main memory storage manager designed to provide the persistence, availability and safety guarantees one typically expects from a disk-resident database, while at the same time providing very high performance by virtue of being tuned to support in-memory data. Dalí follows the philosophy of treating all data, including system data, uniformly as database files that can be memory mapped and directly accessed/updated by user processes. Direct access provides high performance; slower, but more secure, access is also provided through the use of a server process. Various features of Dalí can be tailored to the needs of an application to achieve high performance - for example, concurrency control and logging can be turned off if not desired, which enables Dalí to efficiently support applications that require non-persistent memory resident data to be shared by multiple processes. Both object-oriented and relational databases can be implemented on top of Dalí.

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Jorge B. Bocca, Matthias Jarke, Carlo Zaniolo (Eds.): VLDB'94, Proceedings of 20th International Conference on Very Large Data Bases, September 12-15, 1994, Santiago de Chile, Chile. Morgan Kaufmann 1994, ISBN 1-55860-153-8
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