Performance Tradeoffs for Client-Server Query Processing.

Michael J. Franklin, Björn Þór Jónsson, Donald Kossmann: Performance Tradeoffs for Client-Server Query Processing. SIGMOD Conference 1996: 149-160
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The construction of high-performance database systems that combine the best aspects of the relational and object-oriented approaches requires the design of client-server architectures that can fully exploit client and server resources in a flexible manner. The two predominant paradigms for client-server query execution are data-shipping and query-shipping. We first define these policies in terms of the restrictions they place on operator site selection during query optimization. We then investigate the performance tradeoffs between them for bulk query processing. While each strategy has advantages, neither one on its own is efficient across a wide range of circumstances. We describe and evaluate a more flexible policy called hybrid-shipping, which can execute queries at clients, servers, or any combination of the two. Hybrid-shipping is shown to at least match the best of the two "pure" policies, and in some situations, to perform better than both. The implementation of hybrid-shipping raises a number of difficult problems for query optimization. We describe an initial investigation into the use of a 2-step query optimization strategy as a way of addressing these issues.

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