Multi-Level Recovery.

Gerhard Weikum, Christof Hasse, Peter Brössler, Peter Muth: Multi-Level Recovery. PODS 1990: 109-123
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Multi-level transactions have received considerable attention as a framework for high-performance concurrency control methods. An inherent property of multi-level transactions is the need for compensating actions, since state-based recovery methods do no longer work correctly for transaction undo. The resulting requirement of operation logging adds to the complexity of crash recovery. In addition, multi-level recovery algorithms have to take into account that high-level actions are not necessarily atomic, e.g., if multiple pages are updated in a single action.

In this paper, we present a recovery algorithm for multi-level transactions. Unlike typical commercial database systems, we have striven for simplicity rather than employing special tricks. It is important to note, though, that simplicity is not achieved at the expense of performance. We show how a high-performance multi-level recovery algorithm can be systematically developed based on few fundamental principles. The presented algorithm has been implemented in the DASDBS database kernel system.

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Proceedings of the Ninth ACM SIGACT-SIGMOD-SIGART Symposium on Principles of Database Systems, April 2-4, 1990, Nashville, Tennessee. ACM Press 1990, ISBN 0-89791-352-3
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