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9. KR 2004: Whistler, Canada

Didier Dubois, Christopher A. Welty, Mary-Anne Williams (Eds.): Principles of Knowledge Representation and Reasoning: Proceedings of the Ninth International Conference (KR2004), Whistler, Canada, June 2-5, 2004. AAAI Press 2004, ISBN 1-57735-199-1 BibTeX

Conditioning and Conditional Logics

Spatial Reasoning

Space and Time

Philosophical and Psychological Issues

Description Logics


Compact Representations of Preference



Belief Revision and Update

Merging Belief Bases

Complexity Analysis

Logic Programming

Query Processing for Ontologies

Real Knowledge Representation Systems

Reasoning about Action

Knowledge Representation Logics

Knowledge Representation and Planning

Invited Keynote Presentations

Great Moments in Knowledge Representation Series

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