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INFOCOM 1990: San Francisco, CA, USA - Volume 2

Proceedings IEEE INFOCOM '90, The Conference on Computer Communications, Ninth Annual Joint Conference of the IEEE Computer and Communications Societies, The Multiple Facets of Integration, June 3-7, 1990, Hotel Nikko, San Francisco, CA, USA. IEEE, 1990, ISBN 0-8186-2049-8

Session 4A: Broadcast Protocols

Session 4B: PRNETs

Session 4C: Switching 2

Session 4D: High Speed Protocols and Architecture

Session 5A: Routing 1

Session 5B: Network Reliability

Session 5C: Congestion in ATMs

Session 6A: Protocol Verification and Conversion

Session 6B: Random Access 1

Session 6C: DQDB

Session 6D: ATM Switch Performance 2

Session 7A: Protocols and Security

Session 7B: Queueing Models 1

Session 7C: LAN Token Rings 2

Session 7D: ATM Switching and Protocols 1

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