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2. ICWMC 2006: Bucharest, Romania

Petre Dini, Christer Åhlund, Cosmin Dini, Eugen Borcoci (Eds.): Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Wireless and Mobile Communications (ICWMC'06), Bucharest, Romania, July 29-31, 2006. IEEE Computer Society 2006, ISBN 0-7695-2629-2 BibTeX

ICWMC1: Sensors I

ICWMC2: Sensors II

ICWMC3: Wireless LAN/PAN

ICWMC4: Radio Comm

ICWMC5: Management and Performance I

ICWMC6: Management and Performance II

ICWMC7: Management and Performance III

ICWMC8: Mobile / Ad Hoc I

ICWMC9: Mobile / Ad Hoc II

ICWMC10: Mobile / Ad Hoc III

ICWMC11: Emerging Wireless Technologies I

ICWMC12: Emerging Wireless Technologies II

ICWMC13: Emerging Wireless Technologies III

ICWMC14: Wireless Communications / Mobility I

ICWMC15: Wireless Communications / Mobility II

ICWMC16: Coding/Modulation/Interference I

ICWMC17: Coding/Modulation/Interference II

ICWMC18: Services

ICWMC19: Mobility

ICWMC20: Special topics

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