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ICC 1986: Toronto, Canada

IEEE International Conference on Communications, ICC '86, Integrating the World Through Communications, June 22-25, 1986, Toronto, Canada, Proceedings. IEEE, 1986, Volume 2

Session 24: Switching Architectures for ISDN

Session 25: Multi-Service Integration with Optical Fibre Systems

Session 26: Tradeoffs between Satellite and Fiber-Optic Media

Session 27: Wireless Local Communications

Session 28: Advances in Computer Communications

Session 29: Fiber Network Architectures & Services

Session 30: Multi-Media Communication Networks

Session 31: Modulation, Coding and Synchronization

Session 32: Signal Processing for Digital Mobile Radio

Session 33: Implementing ISDN around the World

Session 34: Satellite Transmission in the ISDN

Session 35: Advances in Remote Switching

Session 36: Voice and Data Communications for Mobile Radio Users

Session 37: Software Quality - The Future

Session 38: Selected Topics in Transmission

Session 39: The Role of Intelligent Workstations and Expert Systems in Network Operations

Session 40: Metropolitan and Wide Area Networks

Session 41: Advances in Image and Speech Processing

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