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33. EUROMICRO-SEAA 2007: Lübeck, Germany

33rd EUROMICRO Conference on Software Engineering and Advanced Applications (EUROMICRO-SEAA 2007), August 28-31, 2007, Lübeck, German. IEEE Computer Society 2007 BibTeX

Component Based Software Engineering Track (CBSE)

Session 1: Service Orientation

Session 2: Variability in Components and Compositions

Session 3: Quality Assurance - Verification and Validation

Session 4: Product Line Engineering & Reuse

Session 5: Dependable and Embedded System

Multimedia and Telecommunications Track (MMTC)

Session 1: Implementation and Performance

Session 2: Multimedia

Session 3: Quality of Service

Software Process and Product Improvement Track (SPPI)

Session 1: Collaborative Processes

Session 2: Case Studies and Experiences

Session 3: Testing and Inspection

Session 4: Process Improvement

Session 5: SPPI Methods

Special Session: Next Generation Web Computing (NGW)

Special Session: Service Orientation (SO)

Special Session: Software Management (SM)

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