Characterization of Database Access Pattern for Analytic Prediction of Buffer Hit Probability.

Asit Dan, Philip S. Yu, Jen-Yao Chung: Characterization of Database Access Pattern for Analytic Prediction of Buffer Hit Probability. VLDB J. 4(1): 127-154(1995)
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The analytic prediction of buffer hit probability, based on the characterization of database accesses from real reference traces, is extremly useful for workload management and system capacity planning. The knowledge can be helpful for proper allocation of buffer space to various database relations, as well as for the management of buffer space for a mixed transaction and query environment. Access characterization can also be used to predict the buffer invalidation effect in a multi-node environment which, in turn, can influence transaction routing strategies. However, it is a challenge to characterize the database access pattern of a real workload reference trace in a simple manner that can easily be used to compute buffer hit probability. In this article, we use a characterization method that distinguishes three types of access patterns from a trace: (1) locality within a transaction, (2) random accesses by transactions, and (3) sequential accesses by long queries. We then propose a concise way to characterize the access skew across randomly accessed pages by logically grouping the large number of data pages into a small number of partitions such that the frequency of accessing each page within a partition can be treated as equal. Based on this approach, we present a recursive binary partition algorithm that can infer the access skew characterization from the buffer hit probabilities for a subset of the buffer sizes. We validate the buffer hit predictions for single and multiple node systems using production database traces. We further show that the proposed approach can predict the buffer hit probability of a composite workload from those of its component files.

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Key Words

Database access characterization, access skew, sequential access, reference trace, workload management, analytic prediction.

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