Functional-Join Processing.

Reinhard Braumandl, Jens Claußen, Alfons Kemper, Donald Kossmann: Functional-Join Processing. VLDB J. 8(3-4): 156-177(2000)
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Inter-object references are one of the key concepts of object-relational and object-oriented database systems. In this work, we investigate alternative techniques to implement inter-object references and make the best use of them in query processing, i.e., in evaluating functional joins. We will give a comprehensive overview and performance evaluation of all known techniques for simple (single-valued) as well as multi-valued functional joins. Furthermore, we will describe special order-preserving functional-join techniques that are particularly attractive for decision support queries that require ordered results. While most of the presentation of this paper is focused on object-relational and object-oriented database systems, some of the results can also be applied to plain relational databases because index nested-loop joins along key/foreign-key relationships, as they are frequently found in relational databases, are just one particular way to execute a functional join.

Key Words

Object identifier - Logical OID - Physical OID - Query processing - Pointer join - Functional join - Order-preserving join

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