Security-Control Methods for Statistical Databases: A Comparative Study.

Nabil R. Adam, John C. Wortmann: Security-Control Methods for Statistical Databases: A Comparative Study. ACM Comput. Surv. 21(4): 515-556(1989)
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This paper considers the problem of providing security to statistical databases against disclosure of confidential information. Security-control methods suggested in the literature are classified into four general approaches: conceptual, query restriction, data perturbation, and output perturbation.

Criteria for evaluating the performance of the various security-control methods are identified. Security-control methods that are based on each of the four approaches are discussed, together with their performance with respect to the identified evaluation criteria. A detailed comparative analysis of the most promising methods for protecting dynamic-online statistical databases is also presented.

To date no single security-control method prevents both exact and partial disclosures. There are, however, a few perturbation-based methods that prevent exact disclosure and enable the database administrator to exercise "statistical disclosure control." Some of these methods, however introduce bias into query responses or suffer from the 0/1 query-set-size problem (i.e., partial disclosure is possible in case of null query set or a query set of size 1).

We recommend directing future research efforts toward developing new methods that prevent exact disclosure and provide statistical-disclosure control, while at the same time do not suffer from the bias problem and the 0/1 query-set-size problem. Furthermore, efforts directed toward developing a bias-correction mechanism and solving the general problem of small query-set-size would help salvage a few of the current perturbation-based methods.

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