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Coauthor Index

1Robert S. Alexander [31]
2Jim Coffman [36]
3E. John Custy [45]
4Yilmaz Degirmenci [36]
5Binh T. Duong [45]
6Brian Frew [26] [27]
7Thomas P. Galvin [28]
8Eugene J. Guglielmo [17] [18] [22]
9Scott Hall [36]
10Markky Heikkila [24]
11Donald P. Julian [39]
12Yutaka Kanayama [20]
13Kari Laitinen [21] [24]
14Shong Lee [36]
15James Bret Michael [32] [39]
16Vanessa L. Ong [32]
17R. F. Richbourg [15]
18Eric J. Stierna [38]
19Jorma Taramaa [24]
20Clifton Williams [36]
21Amr Zaky [33]

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