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Coauthor Index

1Mina Akaishi [33] [35] [47] [56]
2Takahiro Endo [55]
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4Yohei Fujita [32]
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6Zhen-Sheng Guo [62]
7Mohand-Said Hacid [71]
8Toshinori Hayashi [16]
9Koichi Hori [56]
10Kasper Hornbæk [40] [41]
11Takamoto Imataki [11]
12Kimihito Ito [32] [34] [37] [39] [46] [57]
13Masahiko Itoh [50] [59] [63] [67]
14Tao-Yuan Jen [30]
15Daisuke Kurosaki [39]
16Micke Kuwahara [72]
17Aran Lunzer [28] [40] [41]
18Akinari Masuyama [2]
19Akio Nagasaka [13]
20Yukoo Nozaka [2]
21Takeshi Oda [32]
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29Kengo Terasawa [66] [68]
30Daniel Thalmann [24]
31Takao Tsuda [1]
32Shao-Chi Wang [60]
33Akihiro Yamamoto [38]
34Shohei Yoshihara [65]

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