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1EEKiran Lakkaraju, William Yurcik, Adam J. Lee: NVisionIP: netflow visualizations of system state for security situational awareness. VizSEC 2004: 65-72

Coauthor Index

1Stefan Axelsson [13]
2Ratna Bearavolu [3] [5]
3Mark H. Burstein [4]
4Keith S. Decker (Keith Decker) [4]
5Edmund H. Durfee [4]
6Timothy W. Finin (Tim Finin) [4]
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9Rosa Laura Zavala Gutierrez [4]
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11Nicholas R. Jennings (Nick R. Jennings) [4]
12Justin King [16]
13Alexandre Klementiev [6]
14Adam J. Lee [1] [3]
15Yifan Li [2]
16Katherine Luo [7] [9]
17Hideyuki Nakashima [4]
18Stephen C. North [5]
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22Alicia Ruvinsky [4]
23Ernst Sassen [6]
24Munindar P. Singh [4]
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31Michael Treaster [2]
32Thomas Wagner [4]
33Xiaoxin Yin [2]
34William Yurcik [1] [2] [3] [5] [13]

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