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1 J. McCall, Patricia Pierce, Richard Hartley, R. Thornerfelt: Measurement Technology for Software Life Cycle Support. COMPCON 1985: 313-320

Coauthor Index

1Kaarin Anstey [9]
2Nick Barnes [9] [14] [19]
3Nicolas Cherbuin [9]
4Pascal Fua [12]
5Niloofar Gheissari [4]
6Jean-Pierre Guillon [8] [22]
7Yogesan Kanagasingam [8]
8Rodney A. Kennedy [11]
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10Hongdong Li [10] [23] [26] [27]
11Paulette Lieby [9] [19]
12Yifan Lu [23]
13J. McCall [1]
14Nassir Navab [18]
15John Oliensis [3] [7]
16Patricia Pierce [1]
17Perminder Sachdev [9]
18Parastoo Sadeghi [11]
19Mathieu Salzmann [12]
20Thomas B. Sebastian [4]
21Yongduek Seo [13] [24]
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23Chunhua Shen [23]
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30Tamir Yedidya [8] [21] [22]
31Luping Zhou [9] [19]

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