Derived Relations: A Unified Mechanism for Views, Snapshots, and Distributed Data.

Michel E. Adiba: Derived Relations: A Unified Mechanism for Views, Snapshots, and Distributed Data. VLDB 1981: 293-305
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In a relational system, a database is composed of base relations, views, and snapshots. We show that this traditional approach can be extended to different classes of derived relations, and we propose a unified data definition mechanism for centralized and distributed databases.

Our mechanism, called DEREL, can be used to define base relations and to derive different classes of views, snapshots, partitioned and replicated data. DEREL is intended to be part of a general purpose distributed relational database management system.

Copyright © 1981 by The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, Inc. (IEEE). Abstract used with permission.

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Very Large Data Bases, 7th International Conference, September 9-11, 1981, Cannes, France, Proceedings. IEEE Computer Society 1981
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