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3. JCIT 1978: Jerusalem

Josef Moneta (Ed.): Information Technology 78, Proceedings of the 3rd Jerusalem Conference on Information Technology (JCIT3), Jerusalem, August 6-9, 1978. North-Holland, 1978, ISBN 0-444-85192-5

Technology Transfer form Developed to Less-Developed Countries

Computer Systems, Architecture, and Reliability

Education for Bibliograpic Data Base Utilization

Software in Israel

Technology Transfer

Future Computer Technology

Building Computers in Developing Countries

Computers in Education

Data Base Systems

Computer Chess: The Next Ten Years

Numerical Methods

A General Approach to Technology Transfer

The State fo Programming Languages

Communication Systems

Data Base Systems - 2

History of Computing

Applications of Machine Descriptions - 1

Software and Applications

Communication Networks and Information System

Technical Developments Supporting Technology Transfer

Development of the First Hospital Computer System in Argentina

Computer Aided Design at Israel Aircraft Industries

Data Base Systems - 3

Prestel - British Teletext System

Application of Machine Descriptions - 2

Semantics, Languages, and Programs

Electronic Funds Transfer Systems

A Future For Information Systems

Advances in Data Communication Systems

Medical Technology Transfer

Landsat Image Processing

Plans and Programs for Developing Nations

Emerging Domestic and Relational Communication Satellite Systems

Geographic Map Data Processing

General Appolications

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