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5. EUSFLAT Conference 2007: Ostrava, Czech Republic - Vol. 1

Martin Stepnicka, Vilém Novák, Ulrich Bodenhofer (Eds.): New Dimensions in Fuzzy Logic and Related Technologies. Proceedings of the 5th EUSFLAT Conference, Ostrava, Czech Republic, September 11-14, 2007, Volume 1: Invited Lectures and Special Sessions. Universitas Ostraviensis 2007, ISBN 978-80-7368-386-3 BibTeX

Invited Lectures

Aggregation Operators

Axiomatic Fuzzy Mathematics


Fuzzy Measures and Integrals: Theory

Fuzzy Measures and Integrals: Applications in Decision Making and Game Theory

Fuzzy Methods in Learning and Data Mining

Fuzzy Sets in Distributive Artificial Intelligence

Fuzzy Sets - Philosphy and Criticism

The Two Decades of Fuzzy Research at the IPM (Zittau) - Past and Recent Developments

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