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1. DOA 1999: Edinburgh, United Kingdom

International Symposium on Distributed Objects and Applications, 5-7 September, 1999, Edinburgh, United Kingdom. IEEE Computer Society, online proceedings: http://computer.org/proceedings/doa/0182/0182toc.htm

Keynote I

Michael L. Brodie: Que Sera Sera: The Coincidental Confluence of Economics, Business, and Collaborative Computing.

Track I: Bindings

Track II: Agents

Track I: Database Aspects

Track II: Database Aspects

Track I: Fault Tolerance

Track II: Performance

Track I: Replication and Fault Tolerance

Track II: Replication and Load Balancing

Track I: Case Studies

Track II: Interoperability

Keynote II

Al Issa: A Distributed Object Web-Publishing Environment using CORBA.

Track I: Case Studies

Track II: Workflows

Track I: Semantics

Track II: Transactions

Track I: Quality of Service

Track II: Processing

Track I: Components

Track II: Potpourri

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