Data Model for Extensible Support of Explicit Relationships in Design Databases.

Joan Peckham, Bonnie MacKellar, Michael Doherty: Data Model for Extensible Support of Explicit Relationships in Design Databases. VLDB J. 4(2): 157-191(1995)
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We describe the conceptual model of SORAC, a data modeling system developed at the University of Rhode Island. SORAC supports both semantic objects and relationships, and provides a tool for modeling databases needed for complex design domains. SORAC's set of built-in semantic relationships permits the schema designer to specify enforcement rules that maintain constraints on the object and relationship types. SORAC then automatically generates C++ code to maintain the specified enforcement rules, producing a schema that is compatible with Ontos. This facilitates the task of the schema designer, who no longer has to ensure that all methods on object classes correctly maintain necessary constraints. In addition, explicit specification of enforcement rules permits automated analysis of enforcement propagations. We compare the interpretations of relationships within the semantic and object-oriented models as an introduction to the mixed model that SORAC supports. Next, the set of built-in SORAC relationship types is presented in terms of the enforcement rules permitted on each relationship type. We then use the modeling requirements of an architectural design support system, called ArchObjects, to demonstrate the capabilities of SORAC. The implementation of current SORAC prototype is also briefly discussed.

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Key Words

Database constraints, semantic and object-oriented data modeling, relationship semantics, computer-aided architectural design.

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