Management of a Remote Backup Copy for Disaster Recovery.

Richard P. King, Nagui Halim, Hector Garcia-Molina, Christos A. Polyzois: Management of a Remote Backup Copy for Disaster Recovery. ACM Trans. Database Syst. 16(2): 338-368(1991)
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A remote backup database system tracks the state of a primary system, taking over transaction processing when disaster hits the primary site. The primary and backup sites are physically isolated so that failures at one site are unlikely to propagate to the other. For correctness, the execution schedule at the backup must be equivalent to that at the primary. When the primary and backup sites contain a single processor, it is easy to achieve this property. However, this is harder to do when each site contains multiple processors and sites are connected via multiple communication lines. We present an efficient transaction processing mechamsm for multiprocessor systems that guarantees this and other important properties. We also present a database initialization algorithm that copies the database to a backup site while transactions are being processed.

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