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23EEMichael J. Wise: LEAping to conclusions: A computational reanalysis of late embryogenesis abundant proteins and their possible roles. BMC Bioinformatics 4: 52 (2003)
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1 Michael J. Wise: EPILOG = PROLOG + Data Flow: Arguments for Combining PROLOG with a Data Driven Mechanism. SIGPLAN Notices 17(12): 80-86 (1982)

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1Rolf Apweiler [17]
2Tim Cooper [14]
3D. Gilbest [17]
4Ian Humphery-Smith [15]
5David P. Kreil [17]
6Tim Littlejohn [15]
7Peter A. Meric [16]
8Steffen Möller [17]
9A. Mark Osborn [20]
10David M. W. Powers [4]
11Michael Schroeder [17]
12Kristina L. Verco [11] [13]
13Xiao-Qin Xia [22]

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