Waibhav Tembe

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10EEJianping Hua, Waibhav Tembe, Edward R. Dougherty: Performance of feature-selection methods in the classification of high-dimension data. Pattern Recognition 42(3): 409-424 (2009)
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6EEJianping Hua, David W. Craig, Marcel Brun, Jennifer Webster, Victoria Zismann, Waibhav Tembe, Keta Joshipura, Matthew J. Huentelman, Edward R. Dougherty, Dietrich A. Stephan: SNiPer-HD: improved genotype calling accuracy by an expectation-maximization algorithm for high-density SNP arrays. Bioinformatics 23(1): 57-63 (2007)
5 Waibhav Tembe, Anca L. Ralescu: A Context-Dependent Metric for Similarity-Application to Supervised Learning of Handwritten Characters. MAICS 2004: 22-30
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1EELei Wang, Waibhav Tembe, Santosh Pande: A Framework for Loop Distribution on Limited On-Chip Memory Processors. CC 2000: 141-156

Coauthor Index

1Jeffrey Bennett [3]
2Gary Benson [7]
3Elizabeth A. Bode [7]
4Marcel Brun [6] [8]
5Catherine Chase [7]
6David Craig [9]
7David W. Craig [6] [8]
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11Nils Homer [8] [9]
12Jianping Hua [6] [10]
13Matthew J. Huentelman [6] [8]
14David A. Hull [3]
15Keta Joshipura [6]
16James Lowey [8]
17Sotiris Mitropanopoulos [8]
18Jesse Montgomery [3]
19Stanley F. Nelson [9]
20Santosh Pande [1] [2]
21John V. Pearson [8] [9]
22Anca L. Ralescu [4] [5]
23Margot Redman [9]
24Jaques Reifman [7]
25Norbert Roma [3]
26James G. Shanahan [3]
27Victor Sheftel [3]
28Dietrich A. Stephan [6] [8] [9]
29Emilia Stoica [3]
30Mitchell Storey [8]
31Edward Suh [8]
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33Lei Wang [1]
34Leonard P. Wasieloski [7]
35Jennifer Webster [6]
36Nela Zavaljevski [7]
37Victoria Zismann [6]

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