Renato D. C. Monteiro

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1 Ilan Adler, Renato D. C. Monteiro: Limiting behavior of the affine scaling continuous trajectories for linear programming problems. Math. Program. 50: 29-51 (1991)

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1Ilan Adler [1] [2]
2Samuel Burer [13] [14] [16]
3Orizon P. Ferreira [15]
4Alfredo N. Iusem [11]
5Zhaosong Lu [17] [18]
6Sanjay Mehrotra [7]
7Arkadi Nemirovski [18]
8João X. da Cruz Neto [15]
9Jong-Shi Pang [6]
10Takashi Tsuchiya [5] [19]
11Tao Wang [6]
12Yanhui Wang [10]
13Stephen J. Wright [4]
14Paulo R. Zanjácomo [8] [12]
15Yin Zhang [9] [13]

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